About Me

I am mother to 3 noisy, sticky, wriggly, and typically wild boys.  It’s trial by fire!


Monkey Moose & Tater Collage


I am the lone female in a pack of Wild Things who is not quite sure about who is raising who!   As these beautiful beasties hug, tug and shove me to my breaking point I find that I am more flawed and yet more accepted than I ever dreamed possible.

Mommy + Boys

I am the den mother but I am learning way more from these little wildlings than perhaps I’ll ever teach them.  I want to share, with truth and humor, the real, raw, flawed, mommy-guilt filled beauty that is my parenting experience.  Why?  Because I’m having a wildly fun time, in spite of myself, and no one should keep such fun to themselves.

Mommy + Wolf

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

~M. Sendak


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